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Bringing home first place wins at WSF this weekend: HOT PINK, ULTRA PINK and PINK ENVY! Way to go All Stars!!! Don't forget to donate a toy for Toys for Tots!!! Donation boxes are at the gym!


"Home of Champions!"

Blush Senior Level 3 Ranked 3rd in the US!

Pink Passion Youth Level 2 Ranked 7th in the US!

Perfect Pink Mini Level 1 Ranked 5th in the US!

Are you ready to be a Champion with PRFXTN ALL STARS?

Call us today 724-916-4111

"My daughter came to Perfection knowing absolutely no one and could not even do a forward roll.  She started at the gym doing a lesson once week and loved it, although she was not the most aggressive learner! She would stand for what seemed like an hour trying to convince herself to throw a back handspring. Her Coaches were patient with her and encouraged her to "take that leap".  When approached about joining the All Star team, she was hesitant but decided to give it a try.  She is now starting her 3rd year as a PRFXTN All Star and is doing layouts and other Level 4 skills without hesitation.  She competed on 3 teams last year, including Hip Hop and hopes to be on 3 or 4 teams this year.  I can't describe the experience,  friendships, and personal development that she has had at Perfection!  In a word, it is INCREDIBLE!"

                 -Rebecca Tornari, "Gabby's Mom"

PRECIOUS PINK...our future looks PERFECT!

If your little one is ready to jump, smile, tumble, cheer, dance and have fun, call us today!  We are always looking for


724-916-4111 @PRFXTNCHEERGYM